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In only a year, I've accomplished so much thanks to PMTM. They are patient, helpful, and persistent. They never leave you hanging. Everyone there really believes in you and wants to see you SUCCEED! I have no regrets. The PMTM Agency is the way to go.


Rip Off Report

The PMTM Agency has been falsely accused of being a scam by the website known as PMTM is a hard-working company that believes in helping aspiring models and actors reach their goals.

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We're an A+

The PMTM Agency is rated as an A+ on BBB. We have gained a great reputation over the years with many people and we're proud of that reputation.

Many have good things to say about The PMTM Agency and what we do. We've helped many models and actors succeed in doing what they do best with lots of guidance, development, helpful tips, patience and caring from the PMTM staff.