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I heard PMTM is a scam? How do I know it is legitimate?

At Pro-Model and Talent Management, we are true advocates for our clients and aren’t happy unless they are. So, imagine our surprise when we found a negative report on the site RipoffReport which seems to pop up every time you look us up. In general, their reports offer little to no information on who “filed” the report, and does absolutely no verification or fact-checking before posting them. This has proven profitable for them as when we dug in to find out more information, we discovered that the site demands thousands of dollars to have reports taken down. Because we can’t verify who wrote the report, we fear that it was from one of our competitors or someone who visited with us but never worked with us, subsequently never learning what we’re truly about.

There are several unfortunate things that come along with someone calling us a “scam” or a “rip-off”. First, we are saddened that it appears someone misunderstood our aim as a management company. Secondly, we’re disheartened that someone may have taken an opportunity to invest in themselves and chose to see it as an obstacle once the topic of development came up. Lastly, and the most unfortunate thing of all, this report may be discouraging others from pursuing the work that they are most passionate about. Any way you slice it, it appears that the report came from someone that doesn’t have a grasp on what the PMTM Agency truly does.

Our main focus is to assist models and talent in getting the opportunity to showcase their abilities before some of the most prestigious agents and managers in the fashion and entertainment industries. Delivering that for our models and talent has been key in our success in the past, present, and will continue to be in the future. Very rarely do models and talent walk in, fresh off the street, ready and prepared to meet with scouts in New York City, Los Angeles, or in the international markets. That’s why the PMTM Agency offers guidance on how to prepare to make the best impression on those with the power to launch your career.

For those who continue to wonder if the PMTM Agency is legitimate, we encourage you to look through our success stories. We have tons of models and talent working for us locally as well as alums placed nationally and internationally that started their careers right here! Learning, developing, and working with the PMTM Agency was a big game-changer for a lot of normal people who decided to pursue their passions and we love seeing them succeed! Our motto is “when our models succeed, we succeed!”

Does PMTM guarantee a talent will get signed with an agent or manager, or get a job or become a supermodel or star?

Absolutely not! In short, we don’t have the power to make any kind of guarantees like that. The only people that can guarantee callbacks, representation, or booking jobs in the big markets are those that do them: agents, managers, network executives, and casting directors. Our job is to help facilitate aspiring models and actors in developing the brand and skill needed to succeed, and then offering a safe and professional environment for them to showcase that to the big wigs in the industry. Our models and talent get the opportunity to learn the skills needed to be successful in their field which will last them a lifetime.

PMTM Rip off Report

Is Ripoff Report a scam? Are they telling the truth?

From quite a bit of research we have found enough proof from multiple resources that cannot always be trusted. The reviews/complaints on their website range from true to very false reviews from anybody who decides they want to complain about a business. This also includes competitors, you have no idea who the person is or why they wrote the review. The complaints about 99% of the time have no proof to go with their complaint but Ripoff Report doesn't care about the proof or whether or not the complaint is true or false. They also refuse to let companies have any say in what the complaint was about so that they can try and resolve the issue.

Whether the reviews on Ripoff Report be true or false they also tend to be years old which can severely hurt a company that has grown to be better at what they do over the years! Ripoff Report NEVER removes their reviews no matter how old they are. Reviews that old should not be held against a company after so many years have passed. Especially if the company is still going strong after so long and clearly is continuing to excel in the business.

Don't believe everything you read, Ripoff Report can't always be trusted making it hard to know when it can ever be trusted. We want you to be aware of this untrustworthy review site before you make your decision about a company. Check out a few of the many websites we found proving Ripoff Report to be a false review site.

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