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I heard PMTM is a scam? How do I know it is legitimate?

Everyone here at Pro-Model and Talent Management does everything possible to ensure that our clients are happy. That’s why we have so many models and talent that have worked with us for years and years! In spite of this, people who have visited with us but have never actually worked with us, along with some of our competitors, have written false reports on the RipoffReport. Anyone familiar with the site knows that you have to pay them thousands of dollars just to have inaccurate reports taken down. Claimants are not fact-checked or verified in any way.

When someone labels Pro-Model and Talent Management a “rip-off” or “scam”, we really don’t know the reason why. Many times it seems that those unhappy with us have misunderstood our purpose or goal. Other times, it seems that someone may have walked in and learned that there may be expenses associated with the preparation and development that they will need to be successful. And then, of course, there is the chance that reports could be coming straight from competitors to dissuade aspiring models and actors from coming to us instead of them. Each theory is sadder than the last because it’s obvious that whoever has written them didn’t understand our work as advocates for our clients.

Pro-Model and Talent Management exists to guide aspiring models and talent by finding opportunities to showcase their skills in front of agents and scouts; something that we have always and will always deliver on. Every single working model and talent in the industry has had to invest in developing their skills, look, resume, or countless other tools needed to thrive in the major fashion and entertainment hubs. The key here is realizing that it’s an investment towards seeing your goals as a model, actor, dancer, or singer being actualized.

For those who continue to wonder if Pro-Model and Talent Management is legitimate, we encourage you to look through our success stories. We have tons of models and talent working for us locally as well as alums placed nationally and internationally that started their careers right here! Learning, developing, and working with Pro-Model and Talent Management was a big game-changer for a lot of normal people who decided to pursue their passions and we love seeing them succeed! Our motto is “when our models succeed, we succeed!”

Does PMTM guarantee a talent will get signed with an agent or manager, or get a job or become a supermodel or star?

No. Pro-Model and Talent Management’s function is to provide the opportunity for aspiring models and talent to develop and showcase their skills in front of agents and scouts in a professional and safe environment. Those agents and scouts are the top movers and shakers in the modeling and talent industries. They ultimately choose who gets a callback, signed for representation, or booked for jobs at the national and international levels. In short, Pro-Model and Talent Management provides both development and the opportunity to learn valuable modeling and talent skills that can take someone’s career to the next level. The skills and talent developed here can be carried into all stages of life and translate in many different opportunities for success inside and outside of the fashion and entertainment arenas.

PMTM Rip off Report

Is Ripoff Report a scam? Are they telling the truth?

From quite a bit of research we have found enough proof from multiple resources that cannot always be trusted. The reviews/complaints on their website range from true to very false reviews from anybody who decides they want to complain about a business. This also includes competitors, you have no idea who the person is or why they wrote the review. The complaints about 99% of the time have no proof to go with their complaint but Ripoff Report doesn't care about the proof or whether or not the complaint is true or false. They also refuse to let companies have any say in what the complaint was about so that they can try and resolve the issue.

Whether the reviews on Ripoff Report be true or false they also tend to be years old which can severely hurt a company that has grown to be better at what they do over the years! Ripoff Report NEVER removes their reviews no matter how old they are. Reviews that old should not be held against a company after so many years have passed. Especially if the company is still going strong after so long and clearly is continuing to excel in the business.

Don't believe everything you read, Ripoff Report can't always be trusted making it hard to know when it can ever be trusted. We want you to be aware of this untrustworthy review site before you make your decision about a company. Check out a few of the many websites we found proving Ripoff Report to be a false review site.

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